Pitchmen Season 2: Passing the Torch (Ep1. Part 1)

This is a play by play of how the season premier of Pitchmen Season 2 went down! If you didn’t get a chance to watch the show for yourself, read and enjoy!

The opening segment of Pitchmen Season Premiere shows clips of inventors and their products.  Anthony “Sully” Sullivan is the host of this show.  He says this one’s for you “Man”, referring to Billy Mays who passed away a few months ago.  Shown is a special flashlight and sponge man and cold spray to prevent fire.  Sullivan in plane, says Billy is in plane with him.  He’s on his way to Las Vegas for the ERA convention (the infomercial convention).  There will be a special  Billy Mays tribute with speeches and photos and talks.  File footage is shown with Sully and Billy in car last year.

Sully walks around the empty convention floor.  This Electronic Retail Convention is where the inventors will show off their inventions. Etch-It Cups clip with inventor is shown. The Perfect Album is shown, along with inventor.  Shock It Clean Disinfectant Spray is shown by inventor.  Jason Bobb of Super Jack is shown talking to Sully.  Telebrands and Sully show last year clip.   A.J. Khubani teams up with Sully on panel.  The first pitch is  for The Rewicker.  You can rewick candles with it.  Hard Candy Gym is shown.  It’s not good, says A.J.  The Lit Mit is shown.  This is a BBQ mitt which lights up.  The panel laughs at this one and they think a mitt should be just a mitt.

The No Bra Lift is shown.  The Third Arm is shown.  Eats In Your Seats is shown.  Shock It Clean Disinfectant spray is shown.  Doc Bottom’s ASpray is shown.  Mr. Obbs Magical Mixer is shown.  Then the Hex Light is shown.  Panel tries it on as a armband and they like it.  They go into a bathroom wearing armband light and talk about its usefulness.  They like it a lot and say it’s hands-free and masculine looking.  Inventor was a marine.  He said they had to use bulky flashlight in battle.  Footage is shown of how inventor came up with the idea. His dad got cancer and it was expensive so he thought of this invention in order to make money.  The  panel loves this invention but wants to make it  a bit more feminine.  They say that Telebrands would invest in it.  The next segment products are shown briefly.

The second segment of Pitchmen Season Premiere talks more about the Hex Light.  Sully returns to Clearwater to test Mighty Thirsty Sponges.  They stick them all over Sully then drop him into the water by means of a towed parachute.  File footage of Bill Mays and his demos is shown.  Sully is covered all over in blue Mighty Thirsty Sponges.  These sponges should soak up 20 pounds of water, they say.  Sully takes off in a parachute.  He is dropped into water.  He is in water and floating but can’t submerge.  They drag him around a bit.  He started at 260 pounds and is now 300 pounds when wet.  Sully says there may be a different way to do a demo for Mighty Thirsty.

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  • Hi. Just to clarify, the Lit Mitt is the oven mitt that lights up your food – at the bbq grill and in the kitchen. The Lit Mitt puts the flashlight at your fingertips so you can see what’s cooking. Check it out on http://www.litmitt.com . You can get the Lit Mitt without music – just with 3 biright LED lights. On Pitchmen they highlighted the Lit Mitt with Music (and lights) it is the gift and the greeting card. It was fun being on “Pitchmen” with the Lit Mitt.

    • Samantha

      Thanks for the clarification. It was fun seeing you on the show! Best of luck with your invention!

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