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  • Last modified: December 31, 2012

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  • The Eggies are made of a high quality plastic, and there are rubber washers between the various parts of the Eggie compartment.

Cool TV Offers Eggies Review

Oh Eggies! oh Eggies! How I love you, oh Eggies! What a wonderful addition to my night you were. Nom, nom, nom, nomming on my Eggies.That’s my Eggies song.

I made it up immediately following my hard boiled egg splurge tonight.

I just barely bought Eggies, and tonight was the night to put this hard boiled egg making machine product to task and see if it really made awesome hard boiled eggs, without the shell, of course.

And to my utter delight, Eggies didn’t disappoint.

The Eggies are made of a high quality plastic, and there are rubber washers between the various parts of the Eggie compartment.

The hard boiled eggs tasted great, and I especially love that you can salt/season your eggs before you boil them. I heard that if you do this, you can put in less salt, because for some reason, if you cook the salt into the food, then it absorbs the salt, and allows you to put in less than if you were to apply it afterward. So that’s one plus if you’re a health-conscious individual.

If I have one concern about the product, it’s about the rubber washers between the various parts. I hope they last long, but I think if you mis-thread the Eggies, while you were screwing them together, you could potentially split that washer and make a mess then next time you make some eggs.

I have heard of people who have had a bad experience with Eggies. Their concern was that their Eggies didn’t include the rubber washers inside (that keeps the liquid egg inside of the eggie!).

This is obviously a problem, but one that I believe Eggies has addressed since these problems were reported, because like I said, I had a great experience with this as seen on tv product.

Another thing is that some people complain about the cleanup; but if you pour the egg cleanly into the Eggie, and you pre-treat the Eggie with some kind of cooking oil, there really shouldn’t be much to clean up. Maybe just a quick rinse and you should be fine.

Overall, I have no complaints with the product, and the eggs tasted great. It made cooking hard boiled eggs fun.

Our Eggies Egg Cooker Demo

Woohoo! An as seen on tv product that we can eat!? Well . . . almost.

Eggies was the yummiest as seen on tv product that we’ve had the pleasure to test here to date.

Just watch the video to see our start to finish Eggies egg cooking experience.

Passionately Angry Review About Eggies

We found this review while we were googling around for Eggies reviews.

You see, we had an awesome experience with our Eggies, but apparently, this guy (see below) didn’t fare so well.

Apparently, the Eggies that he was sent was an unfinished, unpolished, and potentially even a prototype product, without the rubber seals that are supposed to keep the liquid egg from spilling out into the boiling pot.

Ooops! Shame on you Eggies!

So yeah, we can certainly see why he was so passionate about this review.


HOWEVER, this guy needs to try Eggies one more time! I believe that they fixed the issue with the rubber seals not being included, because our Eggies worked fine.

As a matter of fact, we double dog dare you, JD NITRO, to sign up to our newsletter, and then email us and let us know, and we’ll send you a brand new Eggies to try out, and we will see if we can help you change your thoughts about this product.

Because we love it, and want you to share in the joy that we feel for this product. 🙂

*Offer only valid to JD Nitro. 🙂

Eggies Review by BretLynne

(Rating: 7/10)
Overall I am satisfied with the product, the only downfall being that it was a little difficult to clean. Eggies do what they claim and make hard boiled eggs without the shell a lot more fun and really simple to do. I would recommend these to anyone who does any entertaining to save time and mess in preparing hard boiled eggs. I also tried them with the egg substitute and while it molds your “eggs” into a cute shape, I prefer microwaving mine for quicker efficiency. I did not try the Eggies in the microwave.

Eggies Review by Mary Ann

(Rating: 9/10)
I like the concept of this product. It is much easier and less messy than hard boiling eggs the traditional way. You do not have to worry about egg shells or peeling them. You also do not have to worry about accidentally splitting the egg that sometimes happens while peeling the shell off a hard boiled egg. And it’s a lot more convenient. The cook time using Eggies is a lot faster than when boiling eggs the traditional way. It is a little messy greasing the plastic containers, as the directions advise against spraying directly with cooking spray. So you have to either spray a paper towel and rub the containers or use paper towels and cooking oil. And the eggs do not fall right out like they show in the commercials. I have to run a butter knife along the edges before the egg pops out. The egg yolks stay nice and yellow – they don’t turn green. The cook times advised by the directions make a perfect boiled egg. There are also cook times if you want to make soft boiled eggs. The egg separator is a nice touch as a “free gift” with purchase. I would recommend this product.