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  • Last modified: September 3, 2012

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  • Easy Feet is an As Seen on TV Product that tickles in more ways than one. The obvious tickle that I realized when first trying out Easy Feet was the physical tickle of the brushes against my feet.

Cool TV Offers Easy Feet Review

Easy Feet is an As Seen on TV Product that tickles in more ways than one.

The obvious tickle that I realized when first trying out Easy Feet was the physical tickle of the brushes against my feet. I’m really ticklish, though, so maybe not everyone will face this. Secondly, I was tickled by how well it actually seemed to clean my feet.

There bristles and brushes that rubbed and gently scratched against my skin on the top and bottom of Easy Feet. You will feel it cleaning between your toes, on the top of your toes, the whole underside of your foot, and then of course, you’ll notice the pumice stone on the heel part of Easy Feet so that you can buff out any rough skin you may have on your feet.

I love how the product feels when it cleans your feet, but it’s kind of a bummer that you will need to buy some liquid soap to spray on your feet while they are in it. Not a big deal, but something to be aware of nonetheless. Another thing that bummed me out a bit was that I thought when I was buying the Easy Feet, I would be getting a pair of easy feet. i.e. Two easy feet. One for each foot. That’s not the case. You’ll only get one Easy Feet, unless of course you get in on a special offer of some sort. Now that I think about it though, it only makes sense to have one. You can only use one at a time, and having two would just take up way too much room in your shower.

Something to be aware of is that if you have any sort of textured flooring on your shower floor, there is a good chance that the Easy Feet won’t work all that well. I have some texture on the floor of my bath and the Easy Feet occasionally slid back and forth as I worked my feet through, despite the impressive amount of suction cups on the bottom of the product.

All in all, the Easy Feet does feel good, and take the “bending over” out of washing your feet in the shower, but just be aware that you’re going to need some liquid soap, and a smooth shower/bath floor that suction cups will easily adhere to.

The Good

  • Very thorough cleaning
  • No Bending Over
  • Tons of suction cups for stickiness

The Bad

  • Tickles
  • Need to Buy Liquid Soap
  • Take up shower space

Easy Feet Reviewed by Marisa

Ever slip in the shower while trying to wash your feet? I have and I can tell you that it is quite painful. Honestly, because of that, it often prevents me from really cleaning my feet while showering. I usually have to wait until I am done bathing to clean them while sitting on the edge of the tub/shower, which also is not quite comfortable. I was pretty surprised when I first tried out the Easy Feet, it really felt like every part of my feet got cleaned. I actually think that the Easy Feet even cleaned my feet better than I probably did before owning it. It scrubbed the top, bottom, and even between my toes! Even more shocking, I couldn’t help but laugh, because it even tickled my feet while I used it. It was like a car wash for my tootsies.

I did notice two problems while using the Easy Feet. The first problem was that I actually bruised the top of my feet, as they hit the above plastic while scrubbing my feet in and out of the Easy Feet. And the other problem I experienced was that the suction cups on the bottom did not secure the Easy Feet down as well as it should have. This caused the Easy Feet to shift upon the shower/tub floor making it somewhat difficult to use. Just to use the Easy Feet I ended up having to use one foot to hold it in place while my other foot was getting scrubbed. I would rate this product a 6 out of 10. Had the suction held better, it might have made it easier to use.

A CoolTVOffers.com Product Tester

Review Disclosure: Marisa was NOT compensated financially for this review, however, she is part of our product tester panel and, as such, was sent this product for free to test and review.