DuraWallet Is The Safe & EcoFriendly Bulging Wallet Alternative

DuraWallet battles pocket bulge, storing all your cards and cash without the bulk

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Your wallet keeps your life together, but what keeps your wallet together? The incredible, eco-friendly DuraWallet stands up to the elements without causing unsafe and unsightly pocket bulge. That’s because DuraWallet is made from a single piece of smart-tech woven fiber material, so there are no seams to come apart. And unlike bulky leather wallets, it’s four times thinner than the average wallet, even when stuffed with cards and cash.

Does you wallet need a diet? Every store seems to have it’s own club card these days, and that’s in addition to all the credit cards, insurance cards, and IDs the modern world requires. DuraWallet holds up to 16 cards and over 20 bills without causing pocket bulge. And while protruding pockets might feel like a frivolous concern, they do more than ruin your look. Bulky wallets are easy to spot and snatch in a crowd, and the habit of sitting on a fat wallet can actually cause joint and spine damage over time.

Your battle of the bulge begins with DuraWallet! Woven from hearty, lightweight Tyvek, it resists stains, water, and all kinds of wear and tear. Its creators like to show off that you can actually drive a car over it, but we assume very few wallets undergo the same trauma in daily living. Still, feel free to bend, strain, or stress DuraWallet any way you like. It can even stand up to water or an accidental washing. Plus, its durable lining blocks RF ID signals for total security in a tech-forward world

Get it together and keep it together with DuraWallet. Available in sleek, chic black and timeless tan, it’s cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and fashion forward, and it’s one less thing to worry about.

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