Doggie Bright LED Dog Collar!

Doggie Bright by PetZoom puts Spot in control of the spotlight

When your dog needs to go, he needs to go. Try politely telling him it’s too late and too dark when he puts on those sad puppy dog eyes. And since you can’t say no to dog walks in the dark, say yes to the Doggie Bright illuminating collar by PetZoom. This comfort conscious, fully adjustable collar outfits your dog with pure LED light for safer after-hours excursions. You and your furry best friend can enjoy the enhanced safety and visibility of hands-free light anywhere you wander.

Doggie Bright keeps your dog safe and visible on the streets, alerting cars and bicycles to his presence. Pedestrians with children become aware of your dog too, so there aren’t any surprises for timid pups or timid people. The pure, cool light also arms your dog against animal threats, warding off rodents, raccoons, and other disease-carrying pests. Wildlife will flee from the light, leaving your pampered pup safe and sound in your own backyard. Doggie Bright is also a smart way to equip your watchdog against prowlers.

Doggie Bright empowers your pooch but it protects you too. The steady stream of light illuminates your path for safer, sweeter evening walks. Both person and pup enjoy hands-free visibility and protection, while Doggie Bright makes dog mess pickup clean and easy too, even when it’s late. Ideal for runners and joggers who train with their dogs, the 6lm LED light provides 10-15 hours of continuous illumination.

Put Spot in control of the spotlight with Doggie Bright by PetZoom. The comfort collar fits most breeds for safer, smarter walks and playtime. With an LED lifetime of 2000 hours, you can use Doggie Bright in the yard, on the go, or even at the dog park for off-leash visibility. It’s simple doggy safety for brighter nights together.

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