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  • Last modified: September 3, 2012

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  • We just picked up tons of as seen on tv products to send off to our product review panel, and among those products, we picked up some crazy critter doggy chew toys.

We just picked up tons of as seen on tv products to send off to our product review panel, and among those products, we picked up some crazy critter doggy chew toys. Someone around our office just bought a doberman puppy so we thought we’d give some first impressions and a live video demo of the crazy critter v.s. the fierce doberman puppy! Video after the break!


  • Our dog loves this toy. He’s been going above and beyond with his tricks just for a chance to play with it.
  • Durable.
  • No stuffing.


  • Annoying! But what squeaky chew toy isn’t?
  • Probably only good for puppies or smaller dogs. Built tough, but not ultra tough.
  • Dog won’t obey the “release” command when he’s playing with this.

Crazy Critters Review by Rebecca Carrier, Ph.D.

Coooper with Crazy Critters Chew Toy

I received the Crazy Critters Chew Toy approximately 2 weeks ago, and the toy remains in nearly new shape, despite the abuse it has received from my 3 year old male beagle. Cooper has always liked stuffed toys, and I was doubtful that he would have much to do with this toy because it has no stuffing to rip out of it. Normally, Cooper de-stuffs his toys in less than 24 hours, first removing the “squeakies” and then shredding the stuffing. The Crazy Critters Chew Toy has provided hours of entertainment for both Cooper and his family, and still the toy remains intact.

The material is of superior quality, soft to touch and easy to clean. All seams are reinforced, and not even Cooper has been able to remove the “squeakies.” He has tugged on it, chewed on it, tossed it in the air, and even tried to bite through the fabric.

There are two “squeakies” in the Crazy Critters Chew Toy—one in the head and the other in the tail. Both “squeakies” are of excellent quality plastic, and my beagle has been unable to puncture them despite hours of effort.

The long body has weights in both the nose and the tip of the tail. These weights are strategically placed to make the Crazy Critters Chew Toy seem almost alive. Cooper likes to toss it in the air, and then bark at it as it comes down because it looks as if it is leaping.

I have washed the Crazy Critters Chew Toy in the sink with just a little bit of laundry soap. After I rinsed it, I placed it on a towel rack to dry it. The toy returned to its original condition. Cooper retrieved it from the towel rack as soon as I would allow him.

I will buy this toy again because of its superior quality, entertainment value (for both Cooper and our family watching him play with it), and it’s safety value. Many animals eat the stuffing out of other stuffed toys, requiring expensive surgery (or resulting in death in some cases). This toy has all of the fun and none of the danger. I highly recommend Crazy Critters Chew Toy.

Rebecca Carrier, Ph.D.
A Product Tester
Review Disclosure: Rebecca was NOT compensated financially for this review, however, she is part of our product tester panel and, as such, was sent this product for free to test and review.

Crazy Critters Reviewed by Del

The bigger older dog would go get it and take it back to his bed and then wouldnt pay much attention. The 18 month old dog tore it to pices in a few minutes.