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When you are young, what can be more fun than making cookies into cool shapes and then eating them? Press Dough toys made with the Press Dough Cookie Maker are always fun for kids and parents, too. The work becomes play because you can get your children to do most of the work, and all you have to do is the cooking.

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Kids love cookies and the Press Dough toys are 100% edible. Each kit includes 24 molds and 24 patterns to make every imaginable shaped cookie you could want. The fun guide gives you ideas of what to do with your Press Dough toys when you make them, and you know what to do with them afterwards.

You may choose to make your own dough or purchase it at the store, but that and an oven are all you need when you have the kit to make Press Dough toys. In a matter of minutes you can be on your way to cooking up delicious treats invented by your kids. When the cookies are done, let the kids decorate them with frosting applied through one of the eight different shaped tips.

Here are a few features of the Cookie Press Dough:

  • Dishwasher safe components make cleanup a snap
  • Use store bought dough or make your own
  • Includes patterns and molds for animals, fun shapes, and more
  • Anyone can make fun and delicious cookie art
  • Includes instruction book and cookie decorating guide

It’s even more fun to invite other kids to participate in the cookie making process, and you can have competitions to see who has the most interesting Press Dough toys before they are consumed. There are plenty of molds for everyone, because this offer includes two kits when you order now.

Each kit comes with the cookie press, 12 pattern slides, 2 cookie shapers, 12 molds, 4 frosting tips, a flour shaker, spatula, rolling pin, and cutting wheel. Add to that the instruction book and a decorating guide for over 35 items. Double this with the buy one get one free offer, and you have over 70 items at a very reasonable price.

When the kids are in the house because of a rainy day, you can enjoy spending time with them making Press Dough toys. If you are entertaining other people’s children, it’s necessary to have treats, so why not let the kids make them. It teaches children the value and responsibility of doing something with their own hands, and they appreciate the cookies better when they have worked to produce them.

All the pieces are completely safe for children from three to ninety-three. All pieces are made from plastic to make sure that they don’t scratch or break anything in your kitchen. When you’re done, let the kids take part in the cleanup and wash the tools, molds and equipment.

Get your kids the Press Dough Cookie Maker today so they can become cookie makers extraordinaire.

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  • Samantha

    I will give this page a five star because its so great and i am using it everyday for my grand children. I know I am too old for this feedback but I know this product deserved to be popular.

  • Basty

    I want to buy this one as a Gift for my Grandmother. I want to know more about the product. If you can post a video or a link for me to see how it works that will be really great.

  • dayquan

    omg!!! this thing is awsome is very cool me and my cousint always make it yea!!

  • Yvonne

    Can anybody give me a cookie recipe they use for this because all of mine are sticking and will not make any of the cookies from the presses. Thanks