As Seen On TV Chatter - Industry Chit ChatThis category is named "chatter" for a good reason. It's just a bunch of randomness, and doesn't contain any actual as seen on tv products or reviews. In this category you'll find snapshots of as seen on tv products in the wild, infomercial industry information, and things of that nature.

Selling Out And Cashing In: As Seen On TV Celebrity Endorsements

You’re a celebrity, but your star is waning. People used to gather in frenzied herds to receive your air kisses, but now they’re selling your signature on EBay and throwing in free shipping. Do you hit the Botox hard and wage a comeback coup, or do you follow your agent’s advice and attach your tarnished […]

The Wackiest As Seen On TV Products Yet

Revolutionary! Amazing! Patented! As Seen on TV products tend to come with a lot of hype, though some merit it more than others. And while they can’t all be best sellers, like the Slap Chop or the Thigh Master, most genuinely make everyday life a little easier. Still, some are just plain cray-cray-crazy. Here are […]

As Seen on TV Gifts For Everyone You Know

Gotta get a gift? Why fight the crowds when everything you need can be seen on TV and ordered in an instant? Mom: Wanna sweeten up Mom? Try tangy, bountiful Everlife Raspberries! Each plant grows with minimum care and yields a juicy 5,000 berries. She’ll love the pop of ruby in the garden and the […]

As Seen on TV Products That Might Actually Change Your Life

Many new inventions claim to rock your world, and admittedly, a lot of them make life a little easier. But with all the inflated claims and exalting customer testimonies, most products have a whole lot to live up to. Still, we firmly believe these particular picks can actually make a real difference in day-to-day living. […]

Head-to-Toe Makeovers, As Seen on TV Style

They say you can’t put a price on beauty. We say, sure you can (and it even comes with bonus offers)! From the Thigh Master to the Turbie Twist, As Seen on TV has brought women some of the best tools and tricks for more glamorous living. Here, we show you how to get a […]

As Seen On TV Product Unboxing Digest

Dear you, As you may know, we here at Cool TV Offers have recently embarked upon a journey, nay, a mission, to unbox every as seen on TV product on the planet. Our goal is to provide quick, fun, informative little videos showcasing each product. So . . . Any time you see this icon: […]

As Seen On TV Unboxing Videos

Good news as seen on TV product lovers of the world! We’re going to start doing unboxing videos for all of the cool as seen on tv products that we rave about here on this website. We’re always trying to help you guys make better informed buying decisions, so posting unboxing videos just seems like […]

How Many Can You Get Right? Pop Quiz!

We just discovered a fun little test over at that will test your knowledge about as seen on TV products. More specifically, your knowledge of as seen on TV fitness gear. We took it and scored 7/9. Shame, shame. We know . . . But the ones we missed were products released into the […]

Marisa Woolsey The Infomercial Junkie!

Marisa Woolsey is one of our favorite product testers. She is by far one of the most passionate people that we know in the world of infomercial addicts. From Sham Wow’s under every sink in the house to Hair Dryer stands, she’s tested them all! If you want to know the truth behind any infomercial […]

Hot Products From Last Spring

Looks like Springtime is creeping up on us yet once again. Funny how that seems to work, isn’t it? If you hung around here last Springtime, you may be familiar with some of the product names we’re about to drop … like bombs. These products were HUGELY popular last year around Springtime, and if you […]