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Callous Clear softens and lifts callouses for happy feet at home

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Some people say we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, but what about our poor feet? The stress of modern living can be pretty rough on our tootsies; causing nasty callouses along the way. That’s why the people at Callous Clear walked a mile in our shoes and developed a simple solution for softer feet. The Callous Clear system painlessly lifts callouses for spa perfect feet in your own home.

Just thinking about ripped stockings and that awful dry skin sensation can give you the heebie-jeebies. Dehydrated skin scraping on socks or leggings is downright nasty, and who wants cracked, dry feet on a beach day? The Callous Clear system eliminates dryness, flaking, cracks, and the discoloration of dead skin in minutes, saving you the embarrassment (and thousands on spa pedicures). For less than a third of the cost of a single pedicure, you can have fancy-free feet in a flash. Just apply the softening gel to the removal patch, place it on the foot, and peel away for supple, smooth skin. Then, polish and seal with soothing balm for a velvety finish.

The gentle gel softens and lifts callouses painlessly, peeling away to expose the baby soft skin beneath. Every Callous Clear order includes two tubes of softener gel, two tubes of foot balm, eight self-sticking callous removal patches, and two perfecting files. This summer, wear your favorite strappy sandals or sexy heels with confidence, or even go barefoot on the beach. And men love Callous Clear too (since most wouldn’t be caught dead at a fancy spa).

Callous Clear gives you better living, from head to toe. So stop scraping, buffing, or going bankrupt! You can have sweeter feet in the time it takes to wiggle your toes.

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