Cafe Cup: The Reusable Single Brew Coffee Cup

Café Cup gives you the convenience and freshness of single-brew coffee without the waste

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People all around the world are perking up to the idea of fresh, single-brewed coffee. Popularized by café pour-overs in the coffee shops of Chicago, Paris, and Seattle, single-brew machines promise piping hot coffee in your home or office, always made to order. Now, with Café Cup, you can enjoy any roast of coffee without the waste and cost of disposable brew cups. Compatible with any single-brew machine on the market, Café Cup is fully reusable, and brings your cost down to five cents a cup!

Single-brew machines require you to waste money and materials with every cup of coffee. The pre-filled, disposable cups sure are convenient, but there’s a better way to brew. Just fill Café Cup with your favorite coffee, pop it in your single-brew machine, and brew as usual. It’s just as easy, and so much more affordable. In fact, it costs fourteen times less than the average single-brew packet.

Good for your wallet and the environment, Café Cup is machine washable, universally compatible, and totally reusable. Plus, you can choose any coffee you want to fill it, so you’re no longer limited by the cost and selection of one manufacturer. Brew regular and decaf coffee, as well as espresso, flavored blends, and loose leaf tea. You get all of the bold, fresh flavor you’re used to without any compromise.

Café Cup comes complete with café scoop for the perfect brew every time, just the way you like it. Reuse Café Cup and your café scoop again and again for an ecofriendly answer to single-brew delight. Perfect for the office, the kitchen, or even the dorm, single-brewed coffee is simply the best. Now, you can enjoy a world-class cup of joe without the cost with Café Cup.

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