Body Jac

From Shark Tank to you, it’s Body Jac

If you’ve ever watched the smash hit The Shark Tank, you know not all reality television is designed to make you feel good. Swimming through Shark infested waters, burgeoning entrepreneurs pitch their products to a team of savvy investors. But some potential products (and their colorful pitchmen) pique interest and go on to sell like crazy, for example, the Body Jac by real cowboy Cactus Jack. Body Jac doesn’t come with bells and whistles, just a perfectly engineered answer to the basic push-up. While simple in theory, most Americans can’t do a single push-up with perfect form. Body Jac guides and protects your body through perfect push-ups for every resistance and body type.

Body Jac for a more proper push upCactus Jack, middle-aged and pudgy, is not your average fitness phenomenon founder. But with the help of his professional trainer daughter and some strict orders from his doctor, he made the machine that brings fitness to the rest of us. Push-ups are one of the best ways to train and tone your whole body, but bad form leads to injuries and daunted aspirations. With orders from his Shark Tank investors, Cactus Jack himself lost a quick 30 lbs using Body Jac and big-time trainers and athletes followed right behind.

In just 8 minutes, 3 times a week you can tone, tighten, and slim with Body Jac. Just use resistance bands to find the perfect weight to support and challenge your body. You’ll find coming back up easier with gentle assistance so you don’t end up stuck on the floor. It makes for a smooth, fluid series of motions that provide constant resistance. Plenty of people have even called the Body Jac fun. As Jack says, “It’s not just resistance, it’s push-up assistance.”

Cactus Jack is famous for his saying, “Too much isn’t even a good start!” Well, Body Jac is the best start you can get if your fitness goals are as enthusiastic as old Jack. He went from 275 to 243 in no time, so if you’ve got the determination you can lose weight and build strength too (no matter where you start). Define triceps, shoulders, chest, and abs with one easy exercise. Body Jac includes great freebies like a set of 8 resistance bands, hand position fitness map, strength instruction manual, and Kiana Toms Workout DVD. The Shark Tank sank their teeth in and so can you.

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    I’m not sure yet, where the hell do I buy it at?????