As Seen on TV Products That Might Actually Change Your Life

Many new inventions claim to rock your world, and admittedly, a lot of them make life a little easier. But with all the inflated claims and exalting customer testimonies, most products have a whole lot to live up to. Still, we firmly believe these particular picks can actually make a real difference in day-to-day living.

Edge of Glory

With a name that evokes romance and great mythology, The Edge of Glory may look a little less than glorious in person. This teeny gadget sticks to your counter looking pretty plain, but with a single swipe it can sharpen any sword like a speedy samurai. And while it chops your kitchen prep time in half, slicing through any ingredient without hassle, it also makes your home safer for every cook in the kitchen. Because a staggering margin of kitchen nightmares begin with dull knives, we say quick and easy access to sharper, steadier knives merits the hype (and the silly name).

RushFit Ultimate Home Fitness

George St. Pierre’s best-selling fitness program isn’t for everyone, because the truth is, it costs a lot of sweat and maybe even some tears. But for someone who’s made the real choice to get the body of a lifetime, RushFit is the best match for many popular fitness goals. With workouts including strength, endurance, core stability, power, flexibility, and balance and agility training, it’s comprehensive and mirrors the workout of an MMA champion. RushFit is one of our life-changing picks because it supports total transformation as well as sustained fitness for a permanent results.


You can’t beat a classic. I was first dazzled by the ShamWow as a teenager at a home show. Unwillingly I was moved to drop my jaw and say “Wow!” just like some hired actor. But if you’ve ever seen this ugly orange rag in person, you’ve undoubtedly been just as seduced by it’s possibly supernatural absorbing powers. Yeah sure, it can clean soda spills, wine, pet messes, but more than actually doing it’s job (and doing it damn well), it’s just plain fun to use. Whenever I have a party and something inevitably slips, spills, or overflows, I get a big dumb grin and run gleefully for my ShamWow. As a result, my pals think I’m really cool and laid back about accidents, but inside I’m just a mesmerized child. Making cleaning fun is not only life-changing, it may just be sorcery!

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