As Seen on TV Gifts For Everyone You Know

Gotta get a gift? Why fight the crowds when everything you need can be seen on TV and ordered in an instant?

Mom: Wanna sweeten up Mom? Try tangy, bountiful Everlife Raspberries! Each plant grows with minimum care and yields a juicy 5,000 berries. She’ll love the pop of ruby in the garden and the whole family will drool for tantalizing homemade pies, jams, and cobblers without the pesticides, preservatives, or the price tag.

Dad: A favorite on the show Pitchmen, The Hex Light was designed by a veteran Marine who needed to see in the dark without juggling a flashlight. With six LED lights spaced evenly around its lightweight armband, Hex Light is comfortable, easy to wear, and makes a Dad’s job a whole lot easier. From plumbing problems to car maintenance, the bright steady light makes the job safer and easier. And if your Pops is itching for adventure, it’s ideal for camping, backpacking, and long-distance runs.

Kids: What’s better than a playtime snack? How about crafting cool shapes and colorful creations that you can eat! Press Dough Cookie Maker comes with dozens of molds and presses so boys and girls can get carried away crafting characters and designs. Then, with a parent, they can pop them in the oven, and let imagination loose as they frost, decorate, and share the goodies!

Ladies: Give your best girl a little more curl! EZCurler was a Seventeen product of the year and the secret behind the celebrity locks of Ms. Britney Spears. Its unique spinning ceramic tourmaline plates heat up in seconds to dynamically define waves. Go beachy, classic, or full-on glam with EZCurler’s versatile curling action. And forget crimps, because this baby curls without clamps, leaving your gal pal with a salon-perfect set.

Gents: Know a guy who never leaves the party early? Give him the gift of Boom. Boom Cube fits in your pocket, but amplifies the volume of your favorite portable player by 10. So if bump and grind is always on his mind, he’ll get amped for crazy bass and blasting sound anywhere and everywhere. The 1-icnh speaker works with MP3 players, smart phones, laptops, PCs, and more.

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