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Do you have rabbits in your garden? Do the raccoons invade your garbage can? Everyone has trouble with unwanted pests. A neighbor’s dog or the neighborhood cat can cause you a lot of grief by plundering through things and making a mess when you aren’t there to do anything about it.

Easily repel annoying pests like mice and raccoons with Animal Off! Order here.

You need Animal Off to get those unwanted visitors to leave you and your things alone. The high frequency sound that this device makes is terrifying and unpleasant to the creatures that come within its limits. Day or night, the Animal Off repeller runs the invaders off because they can’t stand the ultrasonic sound that emits every time they get within 30 feet of the controller.

Sounds that are too high pitched for the human to hear are terrifying to animals. You know how dogs respond to these sounds, but what you might not know is that most other animals also have the same reaction when they hear these high-pitched sounds.

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Deer, mice, squirrels, and almost any wild pest can’t stand the silent sound that emits from this product. Animal Off comes with its own mounting stake, but easily mounts to almost any surface to repel all the varmints that bother you and your belongings.

Animal Off features include:

  • Ultrasonic solar animal repeller
  • Humans cannot hear it; animals cannot stand it
  • Protects your home and garden humanely
  • Keep deer from eating plants and flowers
  • Keep rabbits out of the garden
  • Keep raccoons out of your garbage
  • Keep mice, skunks, and squirrels away
  • Keep neighborhood pets off your lawn
  • Solar powered, infrared works day or night
  • Weatherproof and works indoors or out
  • Works up to 30 feet

It doesn’t take long for all the critters that bother you to understand that they don’t like the particular sound that emits from Animal Off. Never again plant a garden and have the creatures of the night come and take everything you worked for. Don’t put up with an opossum that raids your trash and drags it all over the yard for the neighbors to see.

Get Animal Off and stop worrying that you will never harvest anything from your garden. Take back control of your home and grounds by running the creatures away that dig up your plants and eat everything that you plant. Become the master of your home and garden once again.

Animals are just like humans when it comes to staying in a place they like and leaving ones they don’t. This pest repeller makes it a misery for them to be around and they quickly decide to go somewhere else. Every time they come back, the motion detector picks them up and makes sounds that they cannot stand.

Get your Animal Off today and get rid of the problems with pests in your yard once and for all.

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  • R D


    • Samantha

      We haven’t personally tested this product yet, but it looks like it would repel moles and chipmunks as well. If you try it out, be sure to let us know!

  • Jay

    I will tell you that it really works. At first I bought this because I was desperate of my problem but I did not expect that it will work but you know what it really did work and I think that its worth it.
    I highly recommend that you will try this one.

    • Jorge

      i’m interested in buying this product but i would like to ask you, since you recommended it, if this product runs of birds? because i can’t seem to scare them off

      I would really appreciate a reply

  • Ray

    @ Samantha
    I want to check it out my self and let me try it for you…
    @ Jay
    thanks for the wonderful comment and that encourage me more to get the product since I really need help with my garden. You rock dude!

  • R D


  • vleary

    I have tried other products before to no avail. If you look at the video, you’ll see the dogs looking off camera to their (probable) owners waiting for instruction and not responding to the signal. I fell for one like this previously and won’t try this either.

  • Steve

    Does this also run off birds? We want to run off the cats and dogs and squirrels but not the birds.

  • bob dion

    I mange a mooring field and we have a gull and duck problem and no power at the waterfront. Does this or anything else you no could alleviate this problem?

  • alyeasha

    does it ward off horses?

  • robin

    I would love to try this product because i have problems with squirriels eating my pecans but i have a little doggie and he goes outside to relieve himself sacred this will hurt my baby…..

    • ronh

      save your money robin! it does not work!!!

  • Dale

    does this deter wood rats as this the type of critter that we are having a problem with?
    Have tried another beeper and then traps ,traps are hit and miss put out poison and it is gone each morning.
    The thing is the poison was removed from an area within 6-8 feet of the beeper.

    • W Teichert09

      Try Riddex, on Seen On TV..or on QVC…I bought one and never had another problem with mice, rats or snakes. We lived in the woods. Just plugs into an electrical outlet.

  • bucky

    how about birds??? Does it run them off?

    • Priusjim

      it is not supposed to affect birds. This is what the company told me

  • Oteika

    does this work on coyotes?

  • Dee

    will it keep dogs from Depositing !!!on the lawn , we have a terrible problems with neighbors dogs

  • Pmritzy

    We want to get rid of the raccoons that are digging up our grass for bugs. We have indoor cats. Will they hear the sound inside the house???

  • Pmritzy

    We want to get rid of the raccoons that are digging up our grass for bugs. We have indoor cats. Will they hear the sound inside the house???

    • Terry eckenfels

      we try and raccoons keep coming

  • Ewark

    I am interested in this product. Do you sell and ship to Canada, or do you in fact have a Canadian outlet?