AJ Khubani (Telebrands CEO) – Demo’s As Seen On TV Products on Wendy Williams

If we didn’t follow the As Seen On TV Industry so closely, we would have never known that AJ (Telebrands CEO) was going to try his hand at being an As Seen On TV Pitchman himself! Just kidding, but AJ was recently featured on the Wendy Williams Show demo’ing some hot as seen on tv products like the sham wow, perfect fit button, bottle tops, and several others. Take a watch below!

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”http://asseenontvdemo.com/infomercials/aj-khubani-telebrands.flv” image=http://cooltvoffers.com/images/aj-khubani-wendy-williams-show.jpg]

Keep an eye out for the Sham Wow fail in the video. 馃檪 “It doesn’t leak”…”oops”… haha we’ll give him a pass though. It’s not easy being featured on national television, now is it, Vince?

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