Ahh Bra As Seen On TV

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Forget endless adjusting, bumps, and bulges—the AhhBra flatters your figure comfortably

Ahh Bra As Seen On TVIt might make you uncomfortable to hear that over 80% of women today are wearing the wrong size bra. Odds are, you’re one of them. And it’s no wonder, with so many hooks and snaps and straps on today’s bras, it can be a lot of work calculating the perfect fit—luckily, the As Seen on TV Ahh Bra has the solution. Developed and promoted by TV star, comedienne, and beauty ambassador Rhonda Shear, the Ahh Bra is all the support a woman needs to look beautiful and naturally curvaceous.

While other bras poke, prod, pull, and press, Ahh Bra leaves no bumps, bulges, red marks, or lines. That’s because it uses “Body Form” technology that shapes and supports without wires, hooks, or straps. Perfect for the everyday active woman running errands, leading meetings, or meeting the girls for cocktail hour, this is the bra that will comfortably move with you for a flawless, unfaltering fit. A seamless microfiber pullover, AhhBra features a flattering V-neck with wide, flexible shoulder straps for comfort. Soft, unpadded cups offer natural full coverage and use center ruching to shape your bust line. And while most bras give you a boost with a pokey underwire, every Ahh Bra uses a ribbed band for all the support you need.

Designer bras look great in catalogues, but let’s face facts: most of them are simply impractical for everyday living. Bras with bows and ribbons have to be hand washed and dutifully maintained, plus they cause conspicuous bumps beneath your blouse. Padded, push-up, or miracle bras might be fun for a night out, but ultimately they’re awkward and honestly look unbelievable in all the wrong ways. But AhhBra is 96% nylon and 4% spandex, so comfort and fit come first. You can machine wash and tumble dry your AhhBra without straining or misshaping it. The fit is close enough to follow your curves and outline your figure, but never tight or limiting.

Ahh Bra comes in a set of colors for every occasion, including black, nude, and white. They’re stylish and modern without all the frills. That means that formal or festive, night out or night in, you’ll be totally covered. It’s time to quit the guessing games with fit; AhhBra representatives can help you pick your best size in a snap—no adjustments needed. So say it with a sigh of relief, it’s the Ahh Bra!

  • Sandra Lewis

    Shame on Rhonda Shear! I have watched her 30-minute infomercial, which features the Ahh Bra in bright and pastel colors. During the program she states several times that the Ahh Bra is available in sizes up to 4X. In reality, the Ahh Bra is available only in white, nude and black in sizes up to 3X. This ad needs to be pulled from the air as a gross misrepresentation of the product being sold.

  • Ziggy3339

    I’ve looked at Her Room and HSN for Rhonda Shear’s Ahh bra. They always seem to be out of larger sizes. It’s been two years since I placed my initial order. The bras are not stocked to supply the need. I will vouch that they are wonderful…if you can get one! Thanks for letting me post.

  • Wdwndws1Colleen

    just got my bras not what I expected it has already rolled under and I am a small person small c cup not worth the money

  • Mayflower2301

    I bought the bra and found that is was the most expensive sports bra ever.  The material was not of good quality and most certainly did not give the support the advertisment states.  Sent them back for a refund about a month ago but have not gotten my refund yet.  Whats up with the guarentee???

  • Wife G

    Ok Ladies…. my bad I thought the Ahh Bra and the http://www.MagicGravityBra.com were the same thing.  What a joke!  The Ahh Bra does NOTHING it says it does.  If you returning the ones you ordered consider it a lesson learned & forget about getting your money back.   We would have all been better off donating the $ to our favorite charity.  I have sent email after email after email and never once received even so much as a “got your email, will get back to you soon”.  The only positive thing I’ve gotten out of this is I can use them as sleep bras.  Im an old lady with snoopy nose boobs and these puppies need some kind of support even when I sleep.  I wish I hope more ladies out there read these reviews and click on the link above for the “real thing”.

    • Kleclaire@tampabay.rr.com

      is Magic Gravity a good bra????