7 Warning Signs That Your Dog Needs A Crazy Critter

It’s no secret that if you dog is bored, he will find something to entertain himself with. If that “something” just happens to be a toy – great – but what if it’s not?

What if your furry pal is bored with his toys, or worse, he doesn’t have any?

Well, then, you may end up with any, or all, of the following:

  1. Holes in furniture
  2. Chewed-up baseboards
  3. Excessive energy
  4. Holy socks
  5. Shoes missing laces
  6. Holy Underwear
  7. Missing rugs & towels

I bought a new puppy a little over a year ago, and thanks to him, I’m all too familiar with each of the above. And while I can’t say my investment in Crazy Critters have completely eliminated all of these problems (my underwear still wind up missing every once in a while), they sure have helped!

I just bought two more Crazy Critters for my dog the other day while at PetsMart. They were only like $5 bucks each. And since it’s Christmas time and all, I couldn’t resist. Each crazy critter lasts my dog a few months, so the small investment is well worth it. Plus, it’s a little bit cheaper to invest in a Crazy Critter every once in a while than to buy a new couch!

My dog loves trotting all around the house, crazy critter in mouth, squeaking and squeaking. He can’t get enough of the sound … that’s easily the worst part of this dog toy. But, oh well. I’d rather have my dog squeak his toy all around the house than have him biting holes in my furniture – or worse – stealing my underwear!

So if you’re looking for a last minute gift for your doggy this Holiday season, head on over to Amazon and order a Crazy Critter.

I say Amazon because I think they are offering free two day shipping around the holidays. And when Amazon says “Two Day Shipping” they really mean it.

If you’d like to read another review of Crazy Critters, check this one out too.

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