Archives for March 2012

Sticky Buddy

Our Thoughts on Sticky Buddy … Are you tired of sticky rollers which seem to only last for several uses before basically being completely useless and unable to function? Then, as seen on TV, you need Sticky Buddy, a sticky roller that you can use for the rest of your life! The Sticky Buddy is […]

Les Mills Pump Workout As Seen On TV

Our Thoughts on Les Mills Pump Workout … Are you looking for a way to get in great shape, perhaps even the shape of your life? Then, as seen on TV, you need Les Mills’ Pump Workout! This revolutionary new type of workout can have you losing weight like you’ve never thought possible, and getting […]

Titanic Pendant (Deep Romance) As Seen On TV

Our Thoughts on the Deep Romance Titanic Pendant … Are you looking for a piece of jewelry which is extremely beautiful, undoubtedly romantic, and is a special commemorative piece for the sinking of the Titanic 100 years ago? Then, as seen on TV, you need to buy the Deep Romance Pendant by Sterlington Collection! This […]

Sweet Dream Blackberries

Our Thoughts on Sweet Dream Blackberries … Have you ever dreamt of growing your own fresh berries, especially sweet, juicy, delicious blackberries? Well, as seen on TV, it’s time for you to buy Sweet Dream Blackberries! It’s like owning your very own personal Blackberry farm! Imagine the wholesome goodness of sweet, tasty blackberries being grown […]

Snap It Headbands

Our Thoughts on Snap It Headbands … Are you looking for an adjustable headband which is stylish, fun, and that girls of all ages from young to teen will love to wear? Then as seen on TV, you need the Snap It headbands! The Snap It is a fantastic head band system which is very […]

X Out Acne Treatment

Our Thoughts on X Out … Are you tired of having those embarrassing blemishes and zits emerge onto your face at precisely the wrong times? Then, as seen on TV, you need X Out! X Out is a fantastic new product that will work wonders and stop those nasty pimples, clean the skin, and make […]

Super Beta Prostate

Our Thoughts on Super Beta Prostate … Are you concerned about your prostate health and looking for a way to ensure your long-term prostate health without resorting to fad diets or bizarre medical concoctions or pill combinations? Then, as seen on TV, you need Super Beta Prostate! Super Beta Prostate is an amazing supplement which […]

Ball Bike

Our Thoughts on Ball Bike … Are you looking for an innovative way to get your exercise at home and not have to go to an expensive gym to get in shape? Then, as seen on TV, you need the BallBike! The Ball Bike is a great home fitness machine which will get you in […]

Palm Saddles – Protection & Flexibility Where You Need It.

Our Thoughts on Palm Saddles … Are you looking for protective gear for your hands which will help you with a variety of activities where grip is absolutely critical for success? Then, as seen on TV, you need Palm Saddles! This revolutionary new product is specifically designed for superior grip and fantastic comfort! Whatever the […]

Titanic Two Dollar Bill

Our Thoughts on Titanic Two Dollar Bill … Are you looking for a piece of history from the world-famous ship the Titanic to own and keep as yours? Then, as seen on TV, you need the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Two Dollar Bill! This is your chance to own a true piece of history by purchasing […]