Archives for February 2012

EZ Eyes – The Secret To Seeing Your Keyboard Clearly!

Our Thoughts on EZ Eyes … Are you having trouble seeing the keys on your computer’s keyboard and then typing properly? Then, as seen on TV, you need EZ Eyes, the revolutionary product which makes seeing the keys on your keyboard extremely easy, and typing a true piece of cake! Your problems distinguishing which keys […]

Music Bullet – How to Amplify Your Music Anywhere

Our Thoughts on Music Bullet … Are you looking for a product which can really amplify the sound of one of your various electronic units, but yet don’t want to break the bank with some of those very snazzy yet extremely expensive speaker systems? Then, as seen on TV, you need the Music Bullet! The […]

Shamina – Can’t Keep Up? Shamina is the Shawl That Does It All!

Our Thoughts on Shamina … Are you looking for a versatile item that you can wear over your shoulders on a night out but that won’t simply unwrap like a scarf or slide off like a shawl? Then, as seen on TV, you need the Shamina! The Shamina is a multi-purpose item which can be […]

Petzzz Pad – Pet Bed Warmer

Our Thoughts on PetZZZ Pad! … Are you looking for the ideal place for your dog or cat to sleep, but can’t quite seem to find the right bed? Well, as seen on TV, you need the PetZZZPad! The PetZZZPad is a fantastic solution! It is the most comfortable bed on the market for virtually […]

Living Pure 4 in 1 – Heater, Purifier, Humidifier, and Filter! [Montel Williams]

Our Thoughts on Living Pure Pro Series 4 in 1 … Are you looking for ways to significantly reduce your heating bills in these cold winter months? Then as seen on TV, you need Living Pure Pro Series 4 in 1! This amazing new heater combines four functions into one convenient, compact and powerful unit! […]

Lasting Memory Paw – Make the Memory of Your Pet Last

Our Thoughts on Lasting Memory Paw … Are you looking for a way to properly memorialize your beloved pet? Then as seen on TV, you need the Lasting Memory Paw, the specially designed memorial marker which will provide you with a way to forever remember your precious family member. It is a wonderful way to […]

Go Jo Hands Free – The Zen of TRUE Hands Free Talking

Our Thoughts on Go Jo Hands Free … Are you looking for a hands-free phone set because your city or state has recently enacted laws that makes it illegal to talk by cell phone in your car unless on a hands-free system? Then as seen on TV, you need GoJo Hands Free, the system which […]

Giant Cookie Cake Pans – How to Make Giant Cookies Like A Boss!

Our Thoughts on Giant Cookie Cake Pans … Are you looking for unique pans which are absolutely huge and can help you to make some of the biggest and coolest cakes around? Then, as seen on TV, you need the Giant Cookie Cake Pans! These pans will be the talk of your neighborhood as you […]

Smoke Assist Disposables – Stop Smoking The Easier Way

Have you been trying to quit smoking or ease away from it because of all the terrible diseases, illnesses, and other effects cigarettes can give you, but without any success? Then, as seen on TV, get Smoke Assist Disposables, a way in which you can still enjoy the sensation of smoking, but without really smoking! […]

Hand Perfection – How To Get Hands Like A Hand Model!

Our Thoughts on Hand Perfection … Are you getting worried that the signs of aging are becoming noticeable on your hands? Then, as seen on TV, you need Ellen Sirot’s Hand Perfection! Hand supermodel Ellen Sirot has developed a revolutionary system for hand lotion and cream which will rejuvenate and reverse the signs of aging, […]