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Lifestrength Band

Have you ever wondered why nature seems so resilient and touch out in the countryside, and how the people living there almost always lead very healthy, energetic lifestyles?  The secret is in the anions being emitted by the different elements found in nature, and now by the Lifestrength band!  Lifestrength can help you to regain […]

7 Warning Signs That Your Dog Needs A Crazy Critter

It’s no secret that if you dog is bored, he will find something to entertain himself with. If that “something” just happens to be a toy – great – but what if it’s not? What if your furry pal is bored with his toys, or worse, he doesn’t have any? Well, then, you may end […]

Happy Holidays 2011!

Just dropping in to wish all of our fans Happy Holidays! It’s been a great year & Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect on all the fun times & awesome as seen on tv products that have been released over the last 12 months. From Bake Pops to the Magic Jack Plus, this year […]