Archives for November 2011

Door Delights Christmas Edition

Deck the halls with Door Delights and your home will sparkle with half the fuss You love holidays with all the trimmings, so Door Delights makes it simple to get merry in minutes. Instead of hanging and banging, you can deck out your whole house with festive Door Delights magnets in the shapes of candy […]

Christmas Tree Plants

Spread holiday glee with a magical tree! Amazing fir Christmas Tree Plants are Santa’s go-to gift. Don’t let your house (or any house) be the house without a Christmas tree, when you can grow your own Christmas Tree Plant almost anywhere. Full-size trees are wondrous indeed, but not everyone has the space or the cash […]

Slushy Magic

Our Thoughts on Slushy Magic … Slushy Magic makes fun the focus with slurpable frozen treats—no blender required Nix the convenience store trip, after all what’s more convenient than Slushy Magic in your own home. Mess and muss free, Slushy Magic uses “snowflake science” to create a deliciously fun hands-on experience for families. Since ice […]

Magic Jack Plus – Warning: You Are Paying Too Much For Your Phone Bill!

Our Thoughts on Magic Jack Plus … In tough economic times, people start tightening their belts by cutting out telephone landlines. Most of us rely on our cell phones more anyhow, and get more features and benefits with wireless. But there are good reasons for keeping a landline, security, comfort, and continuity included, and now […]

MOBE Flask

Why MoBe maybe the best party accessory since the cocktail: it’s the flask without the flak MoBe works like a flask, but let’s be frank: a flask is clunky, showy, and almost juvenile in its attempt at discretion. MoBe is sleek, black and doesn’t invite any attention that would be better spent on you. Eight […]