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Eggies Reviews

Cool TV Offers Eggies Review Oh Eggies! oh Eggies! How I love you, oh Eggies! What a wonderful addition to my night you were. Nom, nom, nom, nomming on my Eggies.That’s my Eggies song. I made it up immediately following my hard boiled egg splurge tonight. I just barely bought Eggies, and tonight was the […]

EZ Towel Reviews

EZ Towel Review by Today we had the chance to unbox and play around with the EZ Towel. And play we did . . . The EZ Towel is a compact, durable, white little pebble that, when applied to water, expands into a full-blown towel. The quality of the towel itself is certainly impressive. […]

Touch N Brush

  Overview of Touch N Brush   No more sticky mess with Touch N Brush.Toothpaste sticks your family health together, but it can also crust, dry, and harden in every nook and cranny. Talk about a sticky situation. Touch N Brush is the new household must-have that keeps toothpaste mess down to a minimum. It […]

Shoes Under

Overview of Shoes Under Manage your style with Shoes Under Walk a mile in your shoes—no problem! But storing the is a different matter. Shoes Under is the storage system that protects you and your favorite shoes from nicks, scrapes, and getting smashed in your closet. Now you can secure every pair snugly in its […]

Cool TV Offers Twitter Background Updated

If you’re not following us on Twitter yet, click here and get on it! We just updated our twitter page background image and feel that it reflects the true backbone of our little as seen on TV website. Go check it out and let us know what you think. We’ve just been busy updating our site, […]

Grill Daddy Pro

Overview of Grill Daddy Pro Thinking about the Grill Daddy Pro? Think about this first: I t’s game day and you’re fixing up a lean, mean, hunger-destroyer burger for your very own tummy. It looks like heaven, smells like complete glory, but when you bite down expecting something moist and juicy, you get that repulsive […]

Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter Reviews

Review by Today I had the wonderful pleasure of unboxing and fiddling around with the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter. The big green tube seems to be made out of a really durable tarp-like plastic. It comes with a metal hook for easy hanging on a porch or patio. Just for those of us who […]

Pet Rider Seat Cover

Overview of Pet Rider Pet Rider: See dog go! Walk, dash, trot, and leap! However you get around, don’t leave your best friend behind. Pet Rider Seat Cover is “ruff” enough to handle your feisty, funny, furry friends while saving your vehicle from stains and scratches. It protects upholstery while giving your pet the cushy […]

Smoke Away

Overview of Smoke Away Come out of that Cold Turkey cold, with the all-natural Smoke Away system. Cold Turkey is like being out in the snow—a virtual Siberia of cravings and discomfort that freezes out any well-meaning advice and support. But beating nicotine with nicotine is about as productive as fighting fire with fire. Come […]

Total Pillow Reviews

Review by Today I unboxed a fluffy little cloud, known as the Total Pillow. I thought I might like the Total Pillow before opening it, just by the feel of it, but after unboxing the thing, I can say I know for sure that I love it. As a matter of fact, I’m using […]