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EZ Smoker

Overview of EZ Smoker Change your life, not your habits with EZ Smoker. Smoking had its heyday in American life for a reason. It can soothe the mind and give people a time-out to process stress and expectations. Today though, most people agree that the harmful effects of smoking are far too high to justify […]

Chef Basket Reviews

Chef Basket Review by The Chef Basket seems like a really decent kitchen aid. Other than being a bit bummed about there not really being a knife in the box with the Chef Basket, there were no unexpected surprises. On the front of the box it says “Bonus! Amazing Chef Knife. Mail-In Offer See […]

Justice Coin

Our Thoughts on Justice Coin … The Justice Coin set celebrates strength, resolve, and the courage of Seal Team 6. The events of September 11th, 2001 left our nation with a sobering silence; over 10 tragic years we learned the extent of terrorist intentions and stood strong despite our fears. On May 1, 2011, justice […]

Shed Pal

Overview of Shed Pal Forget fur that makes you slip and sneeze. Get the Shed Pal if you please. You love your furry friends, but face it, sometimes your friends have a little too much fur to bear. It gets on the furniture, on your clothes, even in your nose, and can lead to painful […]

As Seen On TV Unboxing Videos

Good news as seen on TV product lovers of the world! We’re going to start doing unboxing videos for all of the cool as seen on tv products that we rave about here on this website. We’re always trying to help you guys make better informed buying decisions, so posting unboxing videos just seems like […]

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Reviews

Fushigi Ball Review by Upon opening the box and removing everything from it, I was surprised to notice the obvious quality of the actual fushigi ball itself. Im no Fushigi pro, but i know quality when i see it. The ball feels solid in construction, yet light and comfortable in the hand. Like the […]

Tasty Top Cake Pops

Overview of Tasty Top Cake Pops Cupcakes make way for the Tasty Top cake pops craze. We bake cakes to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and sometimes for no good reason at all. But the same old sheet cake won’t wow the way it used to when people catch on to the new confectionary craze: Tasty Top […]

Pet Zoom Loungee

Overview of Pet Zoom Loungee A clean ride for you and your pup with PetZoom Loungee. Your pets are more than pets; they’re your furry family. So you happily play chauffeur on trips to the vet, the groomer, and obedience school, secretly preoccupied with the state of your backseat. PetZoom Loungee will give you and […]

Fab Effex Fabric

Overview of Fab Effex Mold, stick, personalize, and shine with Fab Effex no-mess art. Art starts from the heart, but without a proper outlet kids can lose their creative spark before learning to nurture it. Of course you want the best for your children, but the mess, stains, and waste from traditional art projects can […]

How Many Can You Get Right? Pop Quiz!

We just discovered a fun little test over at that will test your knowledge about as seen on TV products. More specifically, your knowledge of as seen on TV fitness gear. We took it and scored 7/9. Shame, shame. We know . . . But the ones we missed were products released into the […]