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Hawaii Chair . . . Good Grief

Some products . . . how do they even make it to market? Maybe just for us to make fun of?

Tiddy Bear – Best Infomercial Ever

Here’s an amusing infomercial for you to kick off your weekend with. Introducing: The Tiddy Bear! With the obvious reference to … well … you know what I mean, it’s a surprise they ever let this infomercial ever air on national television. Sexual references and joking aside, the Tiddy Bear actually looks like it does […]

10 Worst Infomercials

I remember some of these from when I was a kid. haha. Check ’em out! My favorites: Mr. Microphone and the smokeless ash tray. What do you think of these?

Happy Hot Dog Man – Have You Seen It?

Well, here’s a new one that we haven’t seen on TV yet. The Happy Hot Dog Man is a simple little piece of kitchen equipment that you slip any standard size hot dog into; it then cuts the hot dog perfectly into the shape of a man . . . but you don’t realize it […]

Marisa Woolsey The Infomercial Junkie!

Marisa Woolsey is one of our favorite product testers. She is by far one of the most passionate people that we know in the world of infomercial addicts. From Sham Wow’s under every sink in the house to Hair Dryer stands, she’s tested them all! If you want to know the truth behind any infomercial […]


Just want to wish all of you a Happy Fourth of July from us here at! Have fun, be safe, and for heavens sake, put the garden tools down for a minute and go spend some time lighting fireworks and BBQ’ing with the family. Life’s short. Go have some fun! Nothing more random than […]