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LifeCell Skin Care

Order Life Cell Right Now! Our Review Every decade, the boundaries of beauty extend a bit further into the borderlands of too flashy, too pricey, and too scary. But nonetheless, pressure sets in to have blindingly bone-white teeth, cellulite-resistant curves, and plastic elastic skin. But if you desire a firm, radiant complexion without turning to […]

Diva Dangler

Diva Dangler – Organize your space and glamorize the place with Diva Dangler.

Samurai Pro Knife Sharpener

Order Samurai Pro Right Now! Sharpen Your Knife in Seconds! Our Review You once felt the fire of the kitchen but now cooking seems somewhat dull. Looking for a way to sharpen things up and carve out some passion? The Samurai Pro knife sharpener and cutting edge cooking kit make food preparation simpler, safer, and […]

Strike N’ Set Lure As Seen On TV

Catch More & Bigger Fish With Strike N’ Set Fishing Lure! Told a few tall tales in your time? What if your Big Fish stories had the amazing catches to back them up? If you fish smarter with Doc Catchen’s Strike N’ Set fishing lures, you might just quit fibbin’ and focus on fishin’. With […]

MyZone HeadPhones

Get entertainment straight to your ears with wireless MyZone Headphones and drown out the distractions MyZone HeadPhones Ordering Info Our Review Americans know great television—we’ve watched Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, John Madden, and Tina Fey change and challenge the way we experience home entertainment. The disadvantage of watching from home? All of the chaos and […]

Hawaii Chair . . . Good Grief

Some products . . . how do they even make it to market? Maybe just for us to make fun of?

Heart Factors Plus

Heart Factors Plus pumps up heart health and your love life Heart Factor Plus Ordering Info Our Review Would you call it a miracle if a natural supplement could help strengthen and restore your love life? Would you call it a miracle if the very same supplement could help save and lengthen your life? Well […]

Get Motivated Seminar – Arkansas

Get Motivated Registration Info Our Review Get Motivated! Seminar All-Stars Arrive in Little Rock Stuck in a slump? Lost in a lull? Your business needn’t bust nor your social life sink with the star-studded Get Motivated! Seminar coming to Little Rock. Distinguished publications and networks have praised this seminar series, promising extreme results in a […]

Body Back Buddy

Body Back Buddy – Save yourself from pain and stress with Body Back Buddy.

Tiddy Bear – Best Infomercial Ever

Here’s an amusing infomercial for you to kick off your weekend with. Introducing: The Tiddy Bear! With the obvious reference to … well … you know what I mean, it’s a surprise they ever let this infomercial ever air on national television. Sexual references and joking aside, the Tiddy Bear actually looks like it does […]