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Total Curve Reviews

Total Curve Review by Veronica I tried Total Curve for 30 days. I was impressed that it did firm and tone my post-children, pre-menopause breasts some. The quality of the cream is excellent, it is non oily has a pleasant smell and really did seem to plump me up a bit. The herbal supplements was […]

Happy Fathers Day

Fathers play a really important role for us here at Cool TV Offers. They are the inventors of the as seen on TV products that we chat about, they buy the as seen on TV products, and they are the driving force behind our validation-seeking female buyers. We couldn’t possibly ask more of Fathers! 🙂 […]

Ove Glove Reviews

Ove Glove Review by Marisa In the past 9 years since I have lived on my own, I have burned myself on tons of old, torn oven mitts, and it kinda makes me wish I owned my Ove Gloves a lot sooner. When testing out my new Ove Gloves I was able to compare them […]

HAIR WARS! AJ Khubani V.S. Donald Trump

Some dudes were just born with naturally stunning features. Some have smiles that melt hearts, others seem to have been delivered from the womb with chiseled abs and biceps to match, but there is a much more elite group, a group that combines all of the previously mentioned features, nay, more; a group that we […]

Mighty Putty Reviews

Mighty Putty Review by Marisa When I first tried the mighty putty I decided to try out one of the demos they showed in the infomercial, which was with a broken, handleless mug. I actually had a broken mug which had sat in my cupboard for several months unused. When I mixed the Mighty Putty […]