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Insanity Asylum

Ordering Info 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Our Review Get certifiably ripped with Insanity: The Asylum If you just want to shape up and shed pounds, Insanity: The Insanity Asylum isn’t the sweat-crazy, kick-your-butt workout you’re seeking. Try Sit and Be Fit or some other gentle workout promoting gradual progress and satisfactory results. But if […]

Windshield Wonder Reviews

Windshield Wonder Review by Marisa Too lazy to read? Don’t worry, we are too. We made a nice little voiceover for this review for you. 🙂 The quality of the Windshield Wonder is nothing less than I expected. It is sturdy and holds together well under pressure. I definitely liked the product and plan to […]

Flex Seal

Flex Seals – Your standards should be stiff, but your seals should be flexible. Get Flex Seal.

Perks Strapless Bra

Ordering Info Flat to Fabulous Our Review Let Perks strapless push-up perk up your bust and your self-confidence Saggy and flat? Who puts up with that? With Perks by Pure Style Girlfriends, you’ll never droop, drop, or fall flat again. The body shaping solution that “has you covered,” Perks provides the benefit of a push-up […]

Pro Caulk

Ordering Info 5 Year Guarantee! Our Review At only $9.95 the ProCaulk system is a real steal for the perfect seal! Don’t get caught up in caulking. Either pay a professional hundreds or thousands of bucks to get the job done right, or do it yourself flawlessly. Sound far-fetched? Go Pro Caulk. It’s the professional-grade […]

Pasta Boat Reviews

Pasta Boat Review by Marisa One reason I hate to cook is the large pile up of dishes afterwords. Especially the large pots and pans, and the colander. By the time I’m done filling the dishwasher with my plates, glasses, and all my other daily dishes, there’s no room left to fit the big stuff. […]

Snuggie Reviews

Snuggie Review by Marisa Firstly I have to say, I Love MY Snuggie! It is quite comfortable, soft, and is large enough even for me to use at 6ft tall. Usually I have problems with clothes or jackets having too short of sleeves, and I am quite pleased the sleeves were long enough as well. […]

Get Motivated Seminar Seattle

Get inspired, get ahead with the big names and big voices of the Get Motivated! Seminar Ordering Info Our Review In early life and throughout college we’re frequently inspired by great works, great teachers, and great speakers. Our schools and organizations bring captivating leaders to our door and we soak up the excitement for a […]

Ribbz Protective Case

Ordering Info iPhone 4 Protective Case Our Review Smashed or busted iPhone 4? There’s not an “app” for that. But there is the Ribbz Protective Case to keep your device safe and secure with soft ribbed teeth. If you care enough about your iPhone 4 to protect your investment, you’re probably what the industry calls […]

EZ Moves

Buy 1 Get 1 EZ Moves! – Move with no scrapes to you or your furniture and get 10 times your own strength with EZ Moves. This product helps you get the job done.