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Procellix Cellulite Cream

Ordering Info FREE TRIAL! Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our Review With Procellix, you’re ready for your close-up, no Photoshop required. Outrageous airbrushing has led to impossible standards of beauty in the modern world. But the truth is that celebrities, models, and twenty-somethings have their own cellulite to hide (and through no fault of their own). So if […]

Bottle Tops Reviews

Bottle Tops Review by Mary Ann When I first heard about Bottle Tops, I wanted to try them out. With children in the home, I thought it would be a great way to help reduce spill accidents. Not only that, I wanted to try them out for myself. It takes me forever to drink a […]

World Trade Center Two Dollar Bill

Ordering Info 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Our Review The 10th Anniversary World Trade Center $2 Bill brings resolve and remembrance to any patriotic home It’s one thing to never forget, but how often in life do we neglect to consider the joy, pride, and pain that shape us as a nation? With the tenth […]

Gripper Clipper

Want to nail that first impression? Be yourself, and let the Gripper Clipper Three-Piece Manicure Set take care of the details Ordering Info Buy 1 Get 1 Our Review Your hands speak a universal language of expression and first impressions. A firm handshake or hearty high-five tells all about you and the person you present […]

Scent Shots

Energy and weight loss as easy as breathing? Sure thing, with Scent Shots! Ordering Info 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Our Review Many people will tell you a deep breath is all it takes to channel your energy. And while certain kinds of breathing are scientifically proven to improve wellness, now there’s a way to […]


Ordering Info Buy 1 Get 1 Our Review Good old fashion cooking at warp speed? It’s the future of food from TastiWave Microwaves were once the wave of the future. But after years of soft, soggy frozen dinners, people started turning to heart-harming fast food and pricey premade meals for quick and convenient cuisine. The […]

Turbo Fire Workout

Ordering Info 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! Our Review Get fired up burning 9 times the fat with TurboFire Still not feeling hot after all that burn? Your cardio workout might be less fire and more smoke and mirrors. But with Turbo Fire Intense Cardio Training, you won’t get burned, just totally toned. Burning 9 […]

Super Wave Oven

Ordering Info 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Our Review It’s a grill! It’s a broiler! It’s Super Wave Oven! Whoever invented the modern oven didn’t foresee the rise of cultural culinary curiosity in America. It makes sense—we started off as a country with no real national cuisine and simple, rather bland household menus. But today, […]

More Sample Products Being Sent Out . . .

More sample as seen on tv products being sent out today to our product testers. If you don’t think we’re for real, then my friend, you’re missing out. Go sign up!

Sample As Seen On TV Products Finally Shipped!

Excuses, Excuses! First, a big, humongous, apology to our patient Cool TV Offers product testers! It’s been a month (ok, probably two months or longer) since we told them to expect their stuff in the mail, but we are just finally getting around to shipping them their sample as seen on tv products to test […]