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Dropps Laundry Detergent

Lighten your load with Dropps and stop dreading laundry day >>> Order Here | Watch Infomercial Laundry can be a pain, especially when it comes to lugging loads and dealing with detergent spills. Plus, what about all the little decisions you must make for a single load of laundry? Which temperature, speed, and soil, and […]

Meaningful Beauty – Get Younger Skin

Brains are the secret behind her beauty: Cindy Crawford and Meaningful Beauty >>> Order Here | Watch Infomercial Cindy Crawford is the world’s most recognizable super model, so people tend to forget just how smart she is. Graduating valedictorian in high school, Crawford earned a coveted scholarship to study at Northwester University, excelling in math […]

Proactiv Skin Care

Proactiv – Come face to face with genuine confidence by getting Proactiv.

Mighty Thirsty Super Absorbent Sponge

Quench your thirst for a cleaner carpet with Mighty Thirsty >>> Order Here! | Watch Infomercial You know how fast a movie night can turn into a big old mess. Someone jumps in surprise, spilling an entire can of soda on the carpet. Next, everyone frantically piles paper towels and sponges on the spill to […]

Switch N Light

Lighten up with Switch and Light remote light switch >>> Order Here! | Watch Infomercial Tired of fumbling and bumbling in the dark? Ever feel like a stranger in your own home, feeling your way through dark passages or storage rooms? The creators of Switch N Light certainly did, so they developed a convenient, affordable […] Snags Jillian Michaels!

We were just renewing some of our websites the other day on and we couldn’t help but notice this familiar face! Jillian Michaels is the infamous spokeswoman for one of the best workout programs on the planet! 30 Day Shred! Just thought this was interesting. All I’ve got to say is that this Michaels […]

BaNoodle As Seen On Pitchmen

Sick of food going stale? Just say Ba’Noodle! Ordering Info 10 for $10! Our Review You’ve seen those new packages of cookies and chips claiming to be fully resealable. And you’ve wrestled with chip clips, zip locks, and tuck-in flaps for years. But nothing compares to the freshness and ease of Ba’Noodle—the super flexible, ultra […]

Fridge Locker As Seen On Pitchmen

Food thieves beware; Fridge Locker won’t give up the goods. >>> Order Here! | Watch Infomercial As kids, food fights were simple. Sloppy, sticky, colorful food was flung across the cafeteria and in the end everyone got detention. But as adults, food fights become more sophisticated, and much more agitating. One of those so-sensible-it-should-have-been-invented-ages-ago products, […]

Tater Tornado As Seen On Pitchmen

Make snack time into a stroll along the sea with the Boardwalk Tater Tornado >>> Order Here | Watch Infomercial One potato, two potato, three potato, four, what makes one potato into something more? The mesmerizing new Boardwalk Tater Tornado. Inspired by snacks found at boardwalks and street fairs all across the globe, the Tater […]

Panitrol Relieve Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pain

Synergizing the self: feel absolutely better with absolutely no side effects through Panitrol >>> Order Here! | Watch Infomercial Synergy is a word we hear a lot of in the modern world—mostly in terms of business and marketing. But, beyond its bad reputation as mindless corporate jargon, the idea of synergy itself is sound: certain […]