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Top 11 Best As Seen On TV Products [based on real customer reviews]

A couple of days ago our good friends over at Viewpoints (a consumer reviews website) wrote a post on their blog about the 10 Worst As Seen On TV Products of all time. We wrote a post of our own giving them props for keeping it real, added our two cents, and now we think […]

Swivel Sweeper G2 VS Swivel Sweeper G1 – By Cool TV Offers

We love our Swivel Sweeper G2 so much that we decided to put it head to head against the G1. We liked the G1 too when it was … well … all that was available. But as is shown in our ultra-intense video: the Swivel Sweeper G2 beats the trash (pun intended) out of the […]

Prayer Cross

The Lord’s Prayer has brought comfort to millions through two millennia, just as it does today. In case we ever forget, or do not press its importance to those who come after us, the Prayer Cross As Seen On TV will leave an unmistakable impact on those who wear it. When held to the light, […]

Bloom Perfect

Is your thumb every color but green? Do you till and plant only to have your flowers pop up and immediately die? Maybe you aren’t planting right, and maybe you aren’t planting the right flower seeds. Don’t think you are alone when you fail to get the results you expect from your flower seeds. Other […]

Hover Round Wheelchair

If you are having trouble getting around the house, going shopping, or doing anything besides sitting in a chair at home, you should look into getting the Hove Round Wheelchair Power Chair. You’re probably thinking how expensive it will be even to hope to own your own personal mobility device, but you will probably be […]

AJ Khubani (Telebrands CEO) – Demo’s As Seen On TV Products on Wendy Williams

If we didn’t follow the As Seen On TV Industry so closely, we would have never known that AJ (Telebrands CEO) was going to try his hand at being an As Seen On TV Pitchman himself! Just kidding, but AJ was recently featured on the Wendy Williams Show demo’ing some hot as seen on tv […]

10 Terrible As Seen On TV Products (The Bad Side of As Seen On TV)

You know, we love the As Seen On TV industry. There is nothing quite like the sound of Billy Mays’ voice screaming at the top of his lungs in the middle of your living room at 1:00 AM. Billy has now passed, rest his soul, but there are still hundreds of inventions going to market […]

New! Pitchmen Biographies by Cool TV Offers!

We just created a new section on this site that contains history and background information on all of the famous As Seen On TV Pitchmen. You should go there now to learn more about these guys and how they became rich and famous! Some quick facts that may pique your interest! Did you know that […]

Seat Savers

Order Seat Savers | Watch Infomercial Falling into a sinking couch is a lot easier than climbing out of one, especially when the couch sags and you feel like you’re in a bucket. By the time the couch gets to this point, the matching chairs are in the same shape. What are you going to […]

Nootie Pet Shampoo

Order Nootie Pet Shampoo | Watch Infomercial Keeping your dog clean and smelling nice is a demanding job. Some dogs could use a bath every day, but you can wash a dog too much and harm the skin, depleting necessary natural oils. Nootie pet shampoo is designed to give your pet a wonderful smell that […]