10 Terrible As Seen On TV Products (The Bad Side of As Seen On TV)

10 Worst As Seen On TV Products

You know, we love the As Seen On TV industry. There is nothing quite like the sound of Billy Mays’ voice screaming at the top of his lungs in the middle of your living room at 1:00 AM. Billy has now passed, rest his soul, but there are still hundreds of inventions going to market each and every day and several pitchmen that have stepped up to fill the void that was created with the passing of Billy.

With so many new inventions coming to market, there are bound to be some stinkers. From our estimation, and the reviews that we get here on this website, a pretty good number of these products actually work as (or better than) advertised, but every now and again, there are some that slip through the “QC” cracks only to disappoint hundreds of consumers.

It recently came to our attention that a great consumer reviews website called Viewpoints wrote an interesting and humorous article about the Top 10 Worst As Seen On TV Products. The article contains snippets of reviews from real consumers that the Viewpoints staff went around the internet and collected from sites like Amazon. Since our goal here at Cool TV Offers is to educate and tell consumers about the as seen on tv products that they are purchasing, we figured, naturally, that we’d let you in on what people are saying about a few of these products that turned out to be duds.

There were quite a few products on the list that we had never even heard of such as the Bra Baby (must have been before our time, or maybe just such an awkward product that we avoided it altogether), the Digi Draw, Infinity Razor, and a few others. Zorbeez, however made it on the list too, and we may just have to disagree with the characterization of this product.

Though we have never tried Zorbeez ourselves, it is strikingly similar to the Sham Wow, and we have in fact heard good things about that shammy from both our friends in the online and offline realms. If the Zorbeez is anything like the Sham Wow, then we think that the majority of the frustrated user reviews can be chalked up to operator error. We hear that using the Sham Wow and Zorbeez is something of an art that requires both an already wet shammy, and practice. 😉

Have your own thoughts on the list of the top 10 worst as seen on tv products by Viewpoints? Head on over there and let ’em know your thoughts!

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